Ignacio Diaz Saez

SEO & Marketing Specialist
based in Miami
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Delivering Growth in a Competitive Market

+30.64% Increase

SEO - Google Search Console - Growth 1

Client was seeking to generate more leads for their medium-sized business. Previous SEO work had not been able to drive qualified traffic to the client’s website

We achieved significant growth in their site’s visibility, rankings, and engagement through a year-long content strategy, on-page optimizations, and page redesigns.


Turning Interactive Assets into More Leads

+74.83% Increase

SEO - Google Search Console - Growth 2

A Client came to us with a library of interactive assets and a well-defined brand. They needed to convert these resources into more traffic and more leads.

Through an improvement of their site’s architecture, internal linking, and on-page ranking factors we have seen the firm’s ranking increase, the site’s users consistently engage, and their qualified leads increase substantially.


Solo-Law Firm Expanding their lead-generation channels

+166.5% Increase

SEO - Google Search Console - Growth 3

Through a highly effective SEO-based content strategy we were able to expand this big-market solo attorney’s lead-generation channels. This client needed to reach new clients beyond their referral sources. We’ve increased their qualified site traffic and conversions through a tailored-strategy to meet their local SEO needs.


My Approach:

Turning research-backed decisions into an impactful user journey. Delivering high-quality content to meet user’s needs. Strategically aligned to the site’s goals.

Listening to Stakeholders

What are the pain points? Who is your ICP? How can I help? Understanding the account from every angle is the first step in building an SEO campaign that delivers value.

Studying the Data

Where does the market stand? Supercharging insights with data-driven decisions by combining search volume, intent, and expertise connects a business with its users.

Scaling the Process

Consolidating the client's knowledge and market research into a scalable operation is crucial for sustainable organic growth.

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